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  • Know Your “Why” To Reach Success

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    Today, so many people are looking for an "opportunity".  Whether it’s the economy driving their need or simply a desire to bring in extra income, people are searching for valid ways to make some cash.  And everyone has a “WHY” for starting.  You must know your WHY to reach success.  The Direct... read more

  • To Be or Not To Be

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      To be or not to be...that is the question!  I heard a great sermon the other day on the Christian radio station I listen to often.  The messages I receive on that station help to guide me, give me comfort and offer clarity as I go through my day. Pastor Chip Ingram, shared how his... read more

  • An Opportunity of a Lifetime!

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    If you don't take it, you'll miss it! Sunday, as I sat watching Dr. Charles Stanley preach on television, his message penetrated my heart.  I recorded the show so my kids would see it.  When I get a great message...I love sharing what I learn with them, as well as with you! Dr. Stanley shared... read more

  • Clean Eating 101

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    What is clean eating? It’s the buzz phrase now.  You even see these words on magazine, blogs, website and recipes. Clean eating in a nutshell is eating foods that aren’t processed.  Foods that contain one single ingredient like spinach, apple, banana, salmon, etc.  Foods that contain fewer than... read more

  • Don’t Track Your Business

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    Don't Track your business ...if you want to shoot blanks in the dark! Successful, savvy business owners understand the need for creating a plan, executing it and tracking their results.  If things don't go the way they anticipated, they can make the necessary adjustments required to achieve... read more


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