C.A.N.C.E.R. S.U.C.K.s

How many people find out that a loved one has cancer?  I did and it sucks.  When you get the news, it feels like you have been punched in stomach.  Your emotions go from surprise to fear to anger to sadness to grief.  Those are just some of the emotions I felt when I found out that my mother was diagnosed with smoldering myeloma.  
Myeloma is a cancer of your plasma cells present in your bone marrow, and there is no cure.  Because of advancements in cancer treatments and the fact that they caught her cancer early, there is hope that the doctors can put it into remission and we might have a good ten years with her.  That statement sounds like we are trying to get more mileage out of her, like a car…and we are.
My mom’s cancer is in 78% of her bones.  It will turn into Multiple Myeloma eventually, which means it becomes more “active”.  Right now, it’s a “sleeper”.  The course of action is chemo for four months, and then a bone marrow transplant.  Her particular treatment is not as strong as others which means she might not experience all the crap that other people undergoing treatment do.  At least, that is our hope.
I can talk about this now without crying, for the most part, but I still have my moments.  Initially, I lost it like most people do.  While talking with a dear friend, she challenged me to think of 10 positive things about this situation.  You have to dig deep sometimes to find the good.  When you do, your whole outlook changes.  I hope that through our life experience, you to can gain the strength you need to handle any and every situation that comes your way.

10 Positive things about my mom’s cancer:

C - Courage…my mother is one of the most courageous people I know.  Her courage gives me the ability to be courageous with her and for her.
A – Awareness…due to this disease, we are more aware of life’s little moments.
N - Nothing…with faith, nothing is impossible. Matthew 17:20
C – Commitment…I commit to making the most of my days, as a wife, mother, friend and daughter so as not to miss the gifts we received daily.
E – Enlightenment…I am focused on the inner transformations that can occur within each one of us in the face of life’s challenges.  When pushed to an edge, we let go of the little things to embrace what truly matters.
R – Renew…every day I have the chance to renew my mind, body, spirit and my relationship with my mom.

S – Smile…Knowing that our time on this earth is limited, I smile at the fact that we are making our moments together special without the surprise of waking up one day and realizing that we missed our opportunities. 
U - Understanding…I am coming to a new understanding about the different types of cancer and how to “live” with it, through others. 
C - Celebrate…I celebrate each day, each conversation, each moment with peace in my heart that she is well taken care of.
K - Knowing…Although I don’t know when her journey will come to an end on this earth, I find comfort in God who is all-Knowing.  Our life on this planet is timed.  Our life in Heaven is forever.
ssurrender…I surrender and trust in Him to protect and carry her through. 

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